Checkout my logo

Here’s my new logo! I hope you like it! I’ve decided to give a bit more thought to how I present myself on-line and improve my branding. The first stage of my PR overhaul is to create a logo. Like everyone dipping their toe in the field of graphic design, I decided to download a couple of free apps and create my own design. In no time at all I had an image that I could stick on my website, emails and social media. However, this image incorporated the microphone and audio wave that every other voiceover artist looking to “stand out from the crowd” is using! There was nothing unique or personal about this logo at all. To be quite honest it was bland and quite predictable!

I wasn’t happy to just use a less than average design, as I understand the value of first impressions. So I decided to seek some professional advice. I admire talented people and for some time I’ve been following local illustrator Peter Clayton on social media. I’ve always enjoyed his hand drawn images that are both visually interesting and full of humour. You can find his work on Instagram: @peteclayton Or here:

I reached out to Pete to see if he’d be interested in helping me with a logo design. I couldn’t believe it when he said yes! So began a creative process that really made me consider how I’d like to be perceived by potential customers, what I offer and who my target audience is. After receiving many sketches and marketing advice from Pete, we moved forward with the logo you see now.

The logo incorporates my first initial C, but it’s so much more than that too. Here are some of the hidden secrets of my new logo:

  • I’m selling myself as a ‘contemporary’ voiceover artist. So the “C” isn’t just identifying my first initial, but my creative approach too.
  • The creative hand drawn feel of the logo gives a professional but not corporate impression. It’s important that my clients know they are dealing with me directly, as a creative freelancer and not a larger agency or corporation.
  • The bright upbeat colours have been chosen to represent my energetic delivery. My voice and style is positive and enthusiastic.
  • The curve of the C is reflective of an ocean wave, I love living by the sea, as my home studio is situated in Plymouth, Britain’s Ocean City. In my free time I can be found on the coast, as I feel very connected to the Southwest coastline.

Working with another freelancer, as the client, has also been very valuable. Seeing what is offered in way of experience and expert advice has really made me consider what I offer my own clients and what other value I can add to my services. This inspiration combined with Pete’s talent, experience and advice is truly something that no app can offer. If you’re looking to create or update your visual branding I can only suggest you leave the DIY approach and seek the expertise of  professional.