Free Radio Production

*A note to all radio stations:

During the Covid-19 crisis I have been inspired by the community spirit across the country. People helping one another through these difficult times. I also wanted to offer something and play a part in overcoming this crisis. Many radio stations are suffering from financial difficulties, some are even closing. Here are some free to air audio files, promoting community and the importance of local radio.

These audio files are freely available to any community or local radio station (FM, DAB, SSDAB, On-line). All production parts are licensed appropriately and carry no broadcast restrictions.

Demonstrating the quality, style and creativity of audio that I produce for radio commercial and radio promotion.

Find out more about my voiceover for radio services here.

Community Radio COVID-19 Promo

Download from Dropbox

Local Radio COVID-19 Promo

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Local Radio Thank You Promo

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