My Pod Picks

Bodyguards & More!

I’m delighted to have been chosen to be the voice that answers the phones for Forward Security Limited. A family run company that provides security services to the events industry and more.

They also have a VIP Close Protection Officer devision! After watching the BBC’s “The Bodyguard” series recently, I can only imagine what life as a personal protection officer is like.

Thank you Forward Security Limited for choosing me. It was a pleasure to provide these guys with an IVR audio track that will help to maintain their successful, professional corporate image.

A Sign Of Things To Come

I’m no DIY expert, in fact whatever the opposite of ‘expert’is, then that’s what I am when it comes to DIY.

Until, that is, I was faced with the personal challenge of mounting a sign especially created for my home studio.

It didn’t take long to come up with the name ‘The Studio’ after all that’s exactly what it is. However, it did take much longer than acceptable for me to install this contemporary looking sign.

I had a huge sense of achievement stepping back to see this flush and level to the wall. Who knows soon I may be grouting tiles, or even changing electric plug sockets.

I’m in Love…

This has to be one of, if not my favourite voice over request so far. I was approached to be the voice of a video celebrating… wait for it… London bus seat fabric pattern designs!

Although I haven’t yet got access to the completed film, here’s some of the narration I recorded for the project. So much fun and yes I’ll now always take note of the seat fabric design when traveling on a bus.

Should’ve gone to…

I’m pleased as punch to be the voice that answers the phone for Specsavers in Watford.

Especially as they offer, not just eye tests, but hearing tests too. I feel they’re probably my most qualified client in the profession of audiology yet!

It gives me a real thrill to be able to work for such a well know corporate brand, from my humble home studio.

Thank you Specsavers Watford.

Flower Power

Not so long ago, I was chosen as the voice to answer the phones at the boutique London florist, Apple Yard Flowers.

I love the variety of different professions and sectors that ‘voice over’ can get you involved with.

As part of the audio package delivered to the client (Apple Yard Flowers) included, was a frequently asked questions and answer section. Here the idea is to keep customers informed without the frustration for waiting for the next available agent to answer their enquire.

Having zero knowledge of horticulture wasn’t an issue, as the lovely florists of Apple Yard provided a comprehensive script, all I had to do was channel my inner Alan Titchmarsh and sound convincing.

Thank you Apple Yard Flowers.