My Home Studio

I’ve had a home studio all my life! Ok, so when I was growing up my home studio consisted of a double tape player and an old microphone used for internal announcements in a factory. Situated in my bedroom, I spent many happy hours creating radio shows that no one would ever hear. Some may say that the radio shows I presented many years later for Heart had a similar audience size, but I’d argue differently.

I’ve always had a fascination with audio gear, a bit of a geek really, especially now a home studio can be kitted out with professional grade equipment, if you save and spend your pennies wisely.

My vocal booth

Don’t panic I’m not about to reel of a list of my studio equipment, as I don’t want to bore you, or start a conversation about best VO gear out there. There’s plenty of that sort of thing already on the internet. I will however talk a little bit about my microphone, as this is a key element to my home studio setup.

The Nuemann TLM103, is the best and most expensive piece of audio equipment I’ve ever owned. I was lucky enough to ‘try before you buy’ when I spent the day recording my voice reels at Notable Voices in London.

After using such a delicate and smooth microphone, it’s hard to except anything less. I didn’t however rush straight out and buy one, in-fact I saved and researched my purchase for about six months before taking the plunge.