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Production & Editing Services

Since the introduction of the smart phone, podcasts have become one of the fastest growing forms of on-demand media / entertainment. There are currently over half a million shows available across the globe.

Podcasting isn’t just available to mainstream media corporations, but is accessible to anyone willing to invest a small amount of time and money, and who has an interest or passion they’d like to talk about.

Being a great podcast presenter doesn’t mean you have the post production and editing skills that can really give your podcast that professional sound. Here is where Chris can help.

Chris offers production and editing services for podcast creators who are looking to produce professional sounding episodes, without the time consuming post production process. Chris will edit, process and optimise your audio to industry standards.

To get information about Chris’s podcast production and editing services, please go to the Contact Page giving as much detail as possible.

Past Podcast Projects

Strange Podcast with Chris Batchelor

In March 2016 Chris created and launched Strange Podcast. Each episode is a short insight into the world of the paranormal, bizarre coincidence and unexplained phenomena.

Strange Podcast with Chris Batchelor.

In October 2017 Chris sold the rights for Strange Podcast to Spoke Media, who continue to release new episodes with Chris as an occasional contributor.

You can hear Chris’s original 17 episodes, and subscribe to Strange Podcast on iTunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/strange-podcast-paranormal-unusual-unexplained-ufo/id191388834?mt=2

Strange Podcast was featured in the Fortean Times February 2018 edition. You can read the full review, written by Brian J Robb, below.

Fortean Times review page1
Fortean Times review page 2

Chris is currently researching for a new podcast that will be made available through iTunes. Although we don’t want to give too much away, if you enjoy Strange Podcast, we’re sure you’ll be hooked on Chris’s latest endeavour. More details coming soon!