Who is Chris Batchelor the Voice Over guy?

I thought I’d use my first blog post to introduce myself in a bit more detail, if you’re wanting to find out a bit more about me!

I live in Plymouth (Britain’s Ocean City) with my wife and two fantastic children. I’ve always wanted to live by the sea and Plymouth not only offers an amazing coastline, but access to the beautiful national park of Dartmoor.

I’ve never really wanted to move away from the South West, as I’ve always felt privileged to live in such a lovely area. However, not being a major city or trendy town means there isn’t a huge media industry based here. That’s why the advantage of being a freelancer means I can work in an industry I love, remotely from a place I love.

Growing up I had ambitions to become an actor. I found that I wasn’t naturally gifted as an academic, but I felt that I did have something to offer my local amateur dramatics group. After leaving school I studied for a performing arts diploma at college. Once qualified I found myself working at some of the region’s holiday camps as an entertainer. These were fantastic years, I met some wonderful people and learned a huge amount. It was a coming of age for me.

I always wanted to try my hand at radio. Whilst entertaining in the evenings, I’d spend my days volunteering at a local radio station, answering phones and making tea for the presenters. Eventually an opportunity to get ‘on air’ arose and that was the start of a career lasting over a decade as a presenter and producer, working for various commercial radio stations including Heart. I love radio and still do.

Radio is where I learned about microphone technique, audio editing and production. I presented shows, created advertising and promotional content and even was fortunate enough to be a “techop” for comedian Rick Male during a four hour voice over session. I may have to write more about this experience in another post.

Anyone who has worked in radio for any amount of time, will have a story of when they got sacked! My story is fairly mundane, Global the owner’s of Heart had a large company restructure, myself along with many other members of staff didn’t have our contracts renewed. I felt at the time this was a natural end to my time on radio and started to look for my next challenge.

I attempted to start my own business, but running out of funds found me going back to my bingo calling roots. I could never really shake the radio bug and managed to pick up some work with Plam 105.5 (Torbay) and Radio Plymouth. I also created a podcast, and this is how I decided to give voice over a shot.

From my home studio, based in my loft at the time, I recorded and produced a paranormal podcast called “Strange Podcast”. I narrated stories of mysterious happenings and asked listeners to send in their own experiences. During this time I wanted to produce an introduction with a pro voice over artist. I discovered one of the many freelancing websites and employed someone to record a short script for me. Freelancing online was just beginning to burst on to the market place. A few weeks later I was approached by a US based production company who wanted to purchase the rights to my podcast!

The decision to sell my podcast gave me an insight into an untapped opportunity for me. I was able to use my voice, editing and production skills to make money from home! I realised that I could list my services on the freelancing website that I had used and pursue a voice over career myself.

Now, several years later, I have voiced over 100 projects and worked alongside companies big and small. I love working in audio and freelancing from my home studio, which has since moved to a purpose built office in my garden. I’m always wanting to create new working relationships and want to hear from you if you think my voice would suit your project.

Thanks for reading, speak soon.